Spatial Energy Simulation for Berlin Tegel - RES TXL

The final RES (Räumliche Energiesimulation - Spatial Energy Simulation) Tegel simulation prototype was presented on the 25th September in Berlin. It successfully ends the first phase of a collaboration between Tegel Projekt GmbH, EIFER, EDF, the urban planning Institute of the TU Berlin and the energy consulting company Drees & Sommer.

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This project aims at connecting urban and energy planning for the redevelopment of the Berlin Tegel airport. A prototype of multi-energy system simulation illustrating the interrelation between different technologies, land uses & planning decisions was developed. Several collaborative workshops were conducted by TU Berlin and EIFER in order to integrate relevant actors and domain experts at an early stage of the planning process.

This is a first step in establishing a new approach for an integrative urban & energy decision support process. This pilot phase involves high future collaboration potentials: on one hand with Tegel Projekt GmbH for updating and improving the simulation prototype, and on the other hand with other Berlin’s partners for replicating the approach on other districts. Further developments are ongoing for enriching the current model with new modules especially regarding economic aspects.

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Contact: Andreas Koch

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